Welcome to our Jack Grace Family

Tired of compromising for "neutral" and trendy golf shoes, former banker turned inventor, Bart Walker, set out to create golf shoes that were fashionable yet classic, comfortable yet sleek and affordable yet premium. After months of tinkering and endless hours of research, Bart created the Innovator Golf Shoes with our patent-pending interchangeable saddles.

Jack Grace is a revolutionary golf company specializing in high-quality men's & women's golf shoes with unique saddles you can swap. These saddles provide matching color and designs for any of your golf looks, allowing for easy customization and versatility.

The swappable saddles feature fully functional laces that tighten the shoe making them said to be "the most comfortable shoe in golf." Our shoe/saddle technology allows for you to get every possible look you would want out of your shoes without sacrificing quality or durability.


"Customizable for every mood and style... a secure and comfortable fit."

"You won't believe this... the saddle is interchangeable... It is so easy... obviously they are customizable, you can get your own logo." - Cara Banksre

"An innovative shoe that allows you to express your style with endless possibilities."

"These shoes are double the awesome. They look sharp, for sure, but you can also customize them to look however you want... How cool is that?"

"There are so many different saddleback options that you can match any color with any outfit without needing an entire closet of shoes."

"Swap your saddles. With Jack Grace’s innovative interchangeable saddles system, your shoes and your clothes will always coordinate... A special printing process also allows for custom options."