7 Most Essential Golf Accessories You Can't Play Without

So, you’ve got your golf shoes, balls, club, bag, and tees. You’re ready to hit the green, right? Wrong. 

These accessories are crucial to any game but they aren’t the only golf accessories that you’re going to need. You’ll need to be prepared for whatever weather you’re playing in. You don’t want to get caught playing without sunscreen in the middle of the summer.

You should also be ready for emergencies such as rain. You never know when mother nature will strike after all. 

To help you be prepared for anything that comes your way, here are a few important golf accessories that you shouldn’t be caught without.

1. Retractable Golf Brush

After a few uses your golf clubs will get dirty. You can bring a towel with you to clean them but it can't get in the grooves of the club like a retractable golf brush. If you use a brush throughout your game to clean your clubs then they will last a lot longer.  

Most of these brushes have one side with hard bristles and one with soft. You will need both. Hard bristles are good for getting in the crevices of the golf club and get rid of any stubborn dirt and rust.

The soft bristle side can get rid of surface dirt. The brush conveniently clips onto your bag and has a long cord so you won't have to remove the brush to clean your club.

2. Rain Gloves 

When you sweat you won't be able to get a good grip on your club. This is why most golfers wear gloves in even normal conditions. You should have a pair of regular gloves and rain gloves. 

If a little bit of sweat can make things slippery, imagine what would happen if it were to rain. You'll be slinging your club across the course. The grip on rain gloves is designed to increase as the weather gets wetter. 

3. Golf Shoe Bag

If you get into your car with the same pair of shoes that you wore on the green you'll bring mud, dirt, and grass with you. Bring a golf shoe bag and a separate pair of shoes. 

You can change your shoes before you get into your car and store your dirty ones in the bag.  

4. Pitchfork 

You're going to want to have a pitchfork in your pocket with you for every game. It's just good golfing etiquette. As you play you will make little divots in the green.

If you leave them, it can throw off another players game. That's not cool. Use the pitchfork to even out the green and keep things fair for everyone. 

5. Golf Trunk Organizer 

Between your golf clubs, accessories, and balls, It's unlikely that you'll have any truck space left at all. You can save up some room with a golf trunk organizer. 

It gives you a place to put all of your extra balls, shoes, and other accessories. It keeps your trunk nice and organized and everything is in one convenient place so it's easy to find. 

6. Umbrella 

Mother nature is unpredictable. One moment you're golfing in beautiful sunny weather, and then in the next, it's pouring rain. If you're not prepared not only will it throw off your game, but you'll be miserable while you play. 

You should always bring an umbrella for these special moments. Even if the weatherman isn't calling for rain. It's better to be safe than soaked. 

7. Season Specific Gear 

You wouldn't want to be caught golfing during the summer without sunscreen or being without a beanie in the dead of winter. There is season-specific gear that you need to have with you. 

Cold-Weather Gear

It's hard to focus on your swing when your body is shivering. Stay bundled up with cold-weather gear.

It's especially important that you keep your hands warm. The moment that your hands go numb is the moment that your form gets stiff. You can bring hot hands with you to keep them nice and toasty. 

It's also essential that you keep your head and ears warm so pack a beanie with those hot hands. 


Most golf games go on for a few hours at a time. This is just enough time for the sun to cook you in the summer if you don't bring sunscreen.

We recommend opting for the spray-on sunscreen vs the lotion. This way if you don't wear gloves your hands won't be slippery because of the slick lotion.  

Bug Spray

During the summer and spring, the bugs come out full force. Without bug spray, you could end up getting eaten alive on the course. That's more than a little bit distracting. 

Carry a small bottle of bug spray in your bag. It won't take up a ton of room and you'll thank yourself later. 

Golf Towel 

No matter the weather you will need a towel. You've got to clean your golf balls somehow. 

On top of keeping your gear clean, it can also keep you sweat-free. Things can get pretty hot on the course during the summer. You'll need to keep a towel to wipe off your hands and face. 

Just, make sure you don't mix up your face towel with your cleaning towel. Having a huge dirt streak across your face may be a little bit embarrassing. 

Golf Accessories That You Need to Pick Up

You're going to need a good pair of golf shoes, clubs, and balls to get through a game. These aren't the only essential golf accessories though. Consider picking up some of these important items so you can be at the top of your game. 

Other than your clubs and balls, one of the first things you need to pick up to play golf is a pair of shoes. Browse through our selections

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