Charity Golf Tournament Gift Ideas

by Abby Zufelt on August 24, 2017

Having a great tournament gift is the perfect way to have a memorable tournament, especially when it’s for a charity tournament. Giving the perfect tournament gift is a way to show appreciation and build relationships for your cause and future tournaments. We’ve compiled the best gift ideas for a charity golf tournament.

1. A Driver

It’s always nice to finish a good game and get some new gear to use for the next one. A new driver is a great way to make a quality gesture but still keep costs efficient. Selecting a driver with eye-catching colors or colors that match your charity or brand would be a perfect gift.

2. Golf Shoes

A new pair of golf shoes will make a player’s day. Jack Grace offers exclusive tournament packages that are the most customizable package around. They are the only golf shoes that offer interchangeable saddles but they can also be custom to your event or business.

3. Golf Bag

A quality golf bag is always appreciated. Because most golfer use the same golf bag for years it will be a pleasant and quality surprise to win a new bag to hold their clubs. It’s the gift most golfers don’t realize they need.

4. Services

A helpful resource for charity tournaments are the sponsors. Some sponsors may choose to donate prizes for a raffle or gift. It can either be a service or a product they offer. Services that often go well for prizes and gifts are spa gift cards, golf shop gift card or a discount on a local restaurant or store. Reach out to sponsor companies to see if they'd be willing to provide a gift of services.

5. A Round of Golf

The course where the tournament is being held offers its own opportunities for tournament gifts. A free or discounted round of golf would make a perfect gift. If that may not work for the course, try asking about the on- site golf shop or restaurant. The golf course will usually be willing to help because you’re paying for the tournament to take place there. The opportunities within the venue are endless.

6. A Golf Lesson

No matter the skill level, a discounted or free lesson with a golf professional is a top-notch gift. Because golf courses have a golf pro on staff this is another opportunity to utilize the resources of your event space.

No matter the size of your charity tournament, having a memorable gift is a must. From custom golf shoes to a discounted golf lesson, these 6 items will surely make your tournament stand out.


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