Finding the Best Golf Belts For Your Unique Style

In America, about 27 million people play the game of golf. Almost as much fun as strolling around the green and hitting a few balls? Getting to wear your stylish and comfortable golf belt.

You can choose different clubs, but you only get one golf belt for your day on the course. That's why you have to look at all the best golf belts out there. There are a few key things that you should be looking for.

How to Choose the Best Golf Belts for Your Game

Golf is such a classic sport that it's even been played on the moon. When you're repping such a timeless sport, make sure that your clothes are timeless, too. The best golf belts only make sense for the best sport.

Don't Underestimate

Everyone knows that people pay attention to a men's watch. If you pay that much attention to the watch that you're wearing, you can't miss an opportunity on your belt. The two won't go together, and you'll have killed your fashion game before you even get a chance to start.

Don't underestimate the power of a good belt. When you've got that down, your whole look is more put-together. Studies have also proven that when you dress better, you perform better and feel better. 

Make Sure It's Comfortable

When you're choosing your golf belt, you want to aim for the most comfortable belt you can find. Not only are golf belts supposed to be fashionable, but they're also supposed to be comfortable as well.

If you feel stiff or like you would be restricted when you're swinging, that's not the belt for you. You'll want to look for a nice woven fabric that moves along with you, or soft leather that's made to bend and stretch as you bend and stretch.

Every Year the Trend is Different

It's no secret that every single year, you're looking at a new trend when it comes to golf clothes. Neon, colorful, simple, and everything in-between has come and gone.

When you're looking for your nice, go-to go golf belt, a good rule of thumb is to just keep it simple. When you keep your belt simple, you'll be able to wear it for years to come instead of having to swap it out with a change in seasonal fashion. That's not to say you shouldn't have your fun, wild, and colorful belts.

But your tried and true belt that lasts for a lifetime is likely going to be more toned down. Opt for black, medium brown, or dark brown. Grays and off white are also a fairly safe choice.

The Buckle

If you want a belt you're going to wear again and again, it should be simple and fairly small. Big, gaudy buckles were once a trend, but are becoming more and more a thing of the past.

You'll also find that a bigger buckle might get in the way of your game. Simpler, toned down buckles are a fairly standard golf-belt staple. Still, always go with what you like best–just because everyone else is wearing a smaller buckle, if you like them big and bold, then you should wear them big and bold.

The Width

The standard golf belt? An inch and a half alligator belt. That's the belt you're going to see on a majority of golfers, so go with it if you want to fit in with the rest of the crowd.

If you want to stand out in a good way, think about making your own belt. You'll pretty much always be able to feel good about a belt that's an inch and a half. That's also what's going to fit a majority of your pants well.

Some golfers like to size their belts up or down accordingly. Sometimes, this is a style preference. Other times, if you're particularly tall or particularly short, certain body types call for bigger or smaller belts.

Going too wide or too narrow will make it look like you're trying to pull off a fashion statement - if you're not, stick with a normal size belt. If you are, then the number one rule of fashion is to do what you feel comfortable with.

Build It Yourself

So, you've got a pretty good idea of exactly what you want to see in a belt. But you're searching online and in the stores, and you can't find what you're picturing anywhere.

That's why you should make a customized belt. Not only will you be able to get exactly what you want that you couldn't get anywhere else, but you'll also be able to make sure it fits you perfectly and you've found the best quality.

You can choose the exact color that you want for your belt strap, and then select from a number of different, classic patterns. You also get to choose the color of your belt buckle.

The Jack Grace Belt (Step 1) - Pick Your Strap ColorThe Jack Grace Belt (Step 2) - Choose Your PatternThe Jack Grace Belt (Step 3) - Select A BuckleThe Jack Grace Belt - Your Belt, Your Way

Even better news, when you customize your belt, you can also get it to match your shoes and the rest of your outfit. Imagine stepping out onto the course wearing a completely customized outfit that you've curated from top to bottom. Even if your golf game can always be improving, there's nothing that can match that level of customized and matching style.

Life's Better Customized

There's no doubt that the best golf belts that you can find are customized. When something is made uniquely for you, it's naturally going to make you enjoy it more than something generic that everyone else has.

At Jack Grace, you don't have to settle with just customizing your belt. You can customize your entire game. Innovative designs don't let you just customize one time, either.

You get to continuously swap out your customizable shoes, belts, and more with swapping technology. Once you swap, you're not going to be able to stop. It's time to make your life more customized.

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