How Do Golf Shoes Help You Play Better?


As an amateur golf enthusiast, wondering how do golf shoes help a golfer play better is a typical question. However, a lot of people (perhaps, you too) might think it is a ridiculous thing to ask. A large number of casual players do not use appropriate shoes as well. So, what’s the need to buy a pair of golf shoes?

The answer lies beyond whether the apparel is suitable or not.

Sturdy and well-built golf footwear is crucial in perfecting your swing. It is because the accuracy of your swing is determined by how sturdy your feet and form are. Motion and weight transfer have significant effects on how you will wield the golf club. Without these factors, the chance for you to produce a good swing is low.

The Role and Importance of Golf Shoes

Thousands of professional golfers have claimed the question to be true. Not because it is appropriate to wear them, but because it affects a few vital aspects that give a good swing. In general, golf shoes help your game

But how do golf shoes help your swing?

Take motion and weight transfer as examples. As mentioned earlier, weight shift affects your swing. It is because as you swing the golf club and finally hit the ball, your weight transfers from the rearfoot and back to your front foot as you wield downward. Such instances will require you to stand firmly while your feet are supported well. And the only way to achieve that is to have a nice pair of golf shoes.

There are other aspects that you will benefit from wearing the right footwear as well. That said, here are a few reasons to help you decide whether you should buy a pair or not:


  1. Comfort. It is evident why footwear is made. It serves to support and comfort anyone—whether it is for sports, work, or casual gatherings—who wears it. And golfing is not an exception.

Golfers (especially professionals) typically play 18 holes in one game, which means players need to walk around the entire course. And a standard golf course is equal to six miles. In other words, four hours of walking! As such, your shoes must be built particularly for that type of situation. 

Use a pair of footwear that is comfortable to walk even after long hours of wearing it. Breathable fabrics will do the trick for that one. Also, check if it is waterproof. These characteristics will keep your feet dry and cozy, especially during warm weather.


  1. Balance & Stability. Balance and firmness go hand in hand in every sport, specifically in golf. In fact, the two characteristics are known as the foundation of a good swing.

If you take a closer look, golf shoes for men (and even women) tend to have huge soles with wider footplate compared to other sports footwear such as running and basketball. The main reason for that difference is to keep the golfer’s feet balanced. It is especially essential when standing and swinging the golf club.

Having that said, a pair of shoes that keeps you balanced even when stationary is excellent to maximize your stability. In fact, most golf shoes come with built-in spikes and horizontal stabilizers. You can usually find it on the arches and prevents the wearer from sliding, especially when the ground is wet and slippery.


  1. Flexibility. Often, enthusiasts need to play on sloppy hills as a way to harness challenge to the game. As such, players like you must use footwear that will allow you to be flexible yet able to provide you with firm balance. So, get a pair of golf shoes online or in your favorite sportswear store that will enable you to move safely even on sloppy courses.

How Golf Shoes are Made

 Before you purchase your first golf shoes, understand the different elements that you will need when playing.


  1. Spikes. As mentioned, spikes prevent you from accidents such as sliding on your foot while playing. It is especially true when the course is slippery or sloppy. A sudden rotation with wobbly feet position is a terrible move too. It is risky if you are not wearing shoes that is built for such instances. One wrong step and you’ll find yourself laying on the ground with injuries.


  1. Wide Base. Having a vast and broader sole will keep your balance and stability in check while playing. It will allow your feet to occupy more space, which is vital when you transfer your weight from rearfoot to front. And as mentioned, how sturdy you stand will have a significant effect on your swing.


  1. Low-cut. If you noticed, most golf shoes are low-cut—meaning the ankle part is bare. What it does is that it lets you have better range and motion, especially when turning. With it, you won’t feel pressure when moving your feet. 


The role and importance of golf shoes lie beyond the fact that it is the most appropriate footwear to wear. Professional golfers know well it will not only make them look fashionable but that a pair of good golf shoes will also help them perform well in games. Hence, if you are looking to buy a pair, try different golf shoes such as Jack Grace USA.



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