How to Choose the Best Women's Golf Shoes: 7 Tips from the Pros (2020)

When you're buying golf shoes, there are some rules you should live by.

If you're going to be comfortable and bring your game to the next level, you've got to have the right shoes. You might not think this to be a huge deal, but shoes that aren't cutting it will take their toll on your feet and your swing. A round of 18 isn't exactly a quick jaunt around the block, so you need comfort and protection.

In this post, we're going to tell you about some rules to consider when you're finding the best women's golf shoes in the store next time. Pay attention, and it could be the difference between getting your favorite pair of golf shoes ever or more blisters, back pain, and higher scores.

Don't let your shoes be your Achilles heel; make them one of your strengths.

1. Measure Both Feet

You don't want to run into a scenario where one foot is always sliding around and causing you pain after a few weeks of wearing the shoes. To prevent this, make sure to measure both of your feet when you're trying the shoes on.

Some people have slightly different-sized feet, which is negligible during everyday activity. But when you're out walking the course, it might become an issue. You'll have to buy a larger size and accommodate your other foot with an insole.

It's going to cost you a little extra, but you'll be thankful when you're feeling alright 5 hours into a long round of golf.

2. Bring the Right Socks

It's important to simulate exactly what you'll be wearing on the course when you go to the store. This means that you have to wear your golfing socks.

You should do this so you know you're getting the right fit. Try not to change up your socks too much, or else your shoes are going to feel different, plain and simple. Find a sock you're happy with and make that the only kind you use to play golf.

3. The Traditional Look

The best women's golf shoes come in both traditional and athletic styles. The difference between the two is all about personal style and the amount of support that you want to carry you through the day.

Traditional golf shoes have a classic look. They're usually white leather and made extremely sturdy to last through lots of walking and waterproof to keep their shape in rain. 

The only problem with the traditional leather style of shoe is a distinct lack of breathability when compared to its athletic counterpart. If you're prone to sweaty feet after a hot day on the links, you might want to consider the other option.

4. Golfers Are Athletes Too

Athletic styles are a more recent trend in the golfing world, but a lot of the pros are starting to open up to it. They're certainly more breathable, but many people find them more comfortable as well. 

Looks-wise, most athletic golf shoe styles just look like any other cross-trainer or running shoe. They put a special emphasis on flexibility, which is enticing for those who find that traditional golf shoes are too stiff when they swing. 

Even if you prefer the look of one style, you should try on both to ensure that a level of comfort is there. Comfort should always come first, due to the amount of time you spend standing during a round of golf. You need good support, flexibility, and breathability.

5. Spikes (Or Not)

Both traditional and athletic golf shoes will have the option of spikes or regular soles. Unless you're playing on the LPGA, you probably don't need spikes, but some women prefer them because of the traction they offer.

If your local course is hilly and your climate is rainy, then you might want the extra grip that spiked shoes have. When you're on dry, flat surfaces, the traction you get from spiked soles and normal ones is about the same.

Truthfully, most people prefer spikeless shoes because they're lighter, more flexible, and you can wear them in non-golf scenarios. The spikes are only really necessary during inclement weather.

6. Think About the Essentials

Here are a few other essential things every woman should consider before purchasing a shoe:

  • Water-resistant means the shoe will repel water somewhat, while waterproof won't let any water in. Gore-Tex shoes will perform the best in water, but you can also apply water-resistant coating afterward.
  • The back of the shoe should give you lots of support. The middle of the shoe should be firm and have lots of arch support. The front of the shoe, however, should be flexible for better performance during your swing. 
  • The fit should be snug so your feet don't slide around throughout the day, but keep 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch in the front for extra comfort and to account for any swelling that might occur.

7. Try Out Your Swing In-Store

When you're lacing up the shoes in-store, definitely walk around for 10-15 minutes before making the big decision. Don't neglect your swing though. If you want to get the full effect of what the shoe's going to be like on the course, you've got to find a place to simulate your swing in them.

A lot of men and women forget to do this, then find out once they're on the course, the toe is too stiff or too flexible. Spend some time in the shoes before you buy them and remember that all shoes will break in after a few rounds.

Choose the Best Women's Golf Shoes

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