How to Get Golf Tournament Sponsors

Sponsors play a huge role in planning a golf tournament, but it’s not always easy to find them. That’s why we’ve compiled a few key tips to get (and keep) sponsors so you can host the best tournament ever.

Find the right sponsor.

The initial search for sponsors can be tough. To start, utilize the connections you already have. Target people that your committee members or coworkers know or anyone in your own network that could be a valuable prospect. Posting on social media that you’re accepting sponsors is also a simple way to see what sponsors are interested in working with you and it’s a great way to get the word out. If you want to target a company that you may not have a connection to, browse the company's website or LinkedIn and find the right person to contact. From there, send them initial information and offer to meet in person or speak over the phone to discuss the sponsorship opportunity.

Tell them why.

Just like any business deal, a golf tournament sponsorship needs to benefit both sides. Tell the prospective sponsor how it will help them. How many people will see their logo? How many people are attending? Where will the branding activations appear? Let them in on why it’s a good idea for both of you. Having a menu list of different levels of sponsorship will also help the breakdown go smoothly for both sides. For example, donating a certain sum of money will get a certain number of logos or a sponsored hole. Also, having the option to sponsor or donate a gift/prize can be a good way to get more businesses involved.

Impress them at the tournament.

Building relationships is key to successfully getting and keeping sponsors. It may seem like a no-brainer, but follow through on what you have agreed on. Make sure all sponsor materials are in place. After the tournament is over, give them the results. Let them know how many people attended the event and if any media outlets covered the event. If they sponsored a hole or donated a prize, send them a photo of the display. Letting your sponsors know that you’re grateful for their partnership goes a long way.

Golf tournament sponsors are key to planning a successful tournament. Build relationships and keep them by being someone who you’d want to work with too. With that, you will be acquiring sponsors in no time.

  • Aug 01, 2017
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