Jack Grace Late Summer Fashion Guide

by Erinn Walker on August 25, 2017
The summer golfing season is quickly wrapping up across the USA with the FedEX Playoffs starting this week, and we wanted to share some late summer fashion ideas to pair with your Jack Grace shoes. 
1.The Athletic Golfer - If he’s not matching the style of one of the Top-25 in the OWGR he feels out of place. The athletic golfer loves matching his Black Jack Grace USA Innovators to his go to mint polo, black shorts, and black accessories. 
2. The Traditional Golfer - The traditionalist never strays far from what he considers the “norm.” If Arnie, Jack, or the Hawk wouldn’t wear it, neither would he. His go-to end of summer outfit is a tailored fit pink polo, slim navy pants, and his White Innovator shoes with navy saddles and pink laces. 

3. The Laid-Back Golfer - The laid-back golfer’s fashion straddles the line of conformity and avant-grade. He can go from the beach to the course quickly, yet pulls off an effortless style all the time. For the end of summer, he loves pairing his Grey Innovators with a multi-stripped shirt and grey hybrid swim shorts.
What's your favorite style?

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