Putting Around: How to Choose the Most Comfortable Golf Shoes for You

After a round of golf years ago, there was always a line in the Ladies' rooms for the footbaths.

Oh, the glorious relief when you removed your golf shoes and gave your aching feet a good wash!

Okay, that was back when spiked soles were pretty much obligatory. Still, it seemed crazy that they'd endure four or five miles of foot torture just to preserve the smoothness of the putting surface.

On championship days, the mileage doubled. It gave added meaning to the expression "no pain, no gain."

Hence the quest for the most comfortable golf shoes.

Are you still wearily trudging the last couple of holes each game, dreading the damage you're doing to your feet?

It's about time you stepped inside our golf shoe emporium of delights here at Jack Grace.

The Concept of Comfort

The Jack Grace Innovation 1.0 golf shoe started out as a kitchen table project. Above all, golfer Bart Walker wanted a shoe that was comfortable.

But he also wanted a functional pair of shoes that looked good. He got skilled cobblers to help refine his prototype and started a business.

The result is high-tech comfort using high-quality materials. Those who love tech specs will appreciate the particular features of this shoe, including its patent-pending design:

  • An injection-molded thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) outsole with soft spikes for effective traction in all but the wettest conditions
  • A lightweight EVA midsole, providing cushioning for the foot
  • Premium waterproof leather uppers and micro-perforated leather lining, keeping the foot dry – and adding a touch of class.

The Concept of Fashionable Design

This is the Jack Grace game changer. Have you ever felt that your golfing wardrobe is restricted because of the color of your shoes? Have you ever wished you could be color-coordinated on the course without owning several pairs of golf shoes?

Well, now, the concept of Swappable Saddles gives you the ultimate freedom of choice. With Jack Grace shoes, you can swap the shoe saddles out in less than a minute, so your saddles match the sportswear you've chosen for the day.

The huge variety of customizable saddles include laces that tighten the shoes to give your foot a snug fit. What's more, the laces stay tightened through your round of golf.

And if you look like a golf pro, you'll likely play like one. Granted, there's no science to back that idea up, but it's a nice thought anyway!

We'll talk about the saddle possibilities and corporate and gift ideas later. For now, let's look at the kinds of options you should consider when picking out golf shoes. 

Alternatives in the Big Wide World

For the mileage you're going to do in your golf shoes, you need to make a few choices before deciding on what suits you, your game, and your sense of style best.

Traditional spikes, or cleats, were metal. This accounted for a lot of discomfort. These days, most cleats are made of plastic and are preferable if you're playing in very wet conditions since they provide traction during your swing.

Most of the time, however, new dimple designs give you sufficient traction. Dimpled outsoles, or soft spikes, have one advantage over cleated golf shoes: you can wear them anywhere, not just on the golf course.

Waterproof spiked golf shoes are a must if you're so enthusiastic about the game that you'll brave the snowy elements in winter. While these shoes do the job they're designed for, they won't serve your needs when the weather is milder.

Sandal golf shoes are another option for the summer months, but we recommend them only for the truly fun, social games. We mention this type of shoe with a gentle reminder that golf is a sport, and most of the time, it's quite competitive. You might want something sturdier if you mean business!

The Difference Shoe Fabric Makes

Advances in textile technology mean you're spoilt for choice when it comes to the variety of material used in the manufacture of golf shoes. It comes as no surprise to us that the most popular choice among golfers is still leather.

Leather creates tight-fitting, waterproof, and stretch-free shoes, and affords a good deal of breathability. The cheaper alternatives to leather, often a synthetic mix including nonporous polyester, give a lighter and thinner, but less breathable shoe lining. They also offer less support.  

Gore-Tex® remains the world leader in breathable, waterproof shoe material. It has a proven track record in outlasting the toughest conditions for years. We've heard that it took someone five years of wearing the same Gore-Tex boots before they ever felt a drop of moisture penetrate their shoes!

For the most part though, depending on where you live, you won't need to go to such extremes to find a good-looking, durable, and functional golf shoe.

A middle-of-the-road choice — like the middle of the fairway — is likely the best way to go!

All Laced up and Raring to Go

Jack Grace laces are included with every pair of saddles. And guess what? Their design ensures that the laces actually tighten the shoe around your foot.

And they stay that way.

While you can get additional lace colors in the Accessories section of our store, you'll probably be more than happy with the Pantone colors we've picked out for the different saddle designs available.

While we're on the subject of color and accessories, you might want to check out our special online Belt Builder.

The Most Comfortable Golf Shoes

Jack Grace golf shoes, with their innovative shoe saddle design and patent-pending Hidden Channel Technology that's integral to the shoe structure, have certainly gotten some great comments in the clubhouse, on the course, and in formal reviews.

That's why we're confident about suggesting them as gift ideas and offering businesses the opportunity to customize the shoe saddles with their own corporate design or logo.

You could even get your whole team decked out in Jack Grace golf shoes with shoe saddles in your distinctive team colors!

For those of you who want to expand your golf shoe wardrobe, shoe saddles can be purchased on their own.

Relax, and Have Fun

We hope you like the sheer simplicity and genius of the Jack Grace Innovation 1.0 concept. Shoes come in white, gray, and black.

All pairs come with a standard pair of black shoe saddles that can be swapped out for others at will. To cater to demand, all shoes are now available in both medium and wide fits.

Check out our store to see the infinite shoe saddle possibilities the most comfortable golf shoes give you. If you still have questions after reading our FAQs, please feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to help you.

And while you're thinking about ordering the most comfortable golf shoes ever, remember that we have a great return and exchange policy.

We wish you many miles of comfortable walking and hours of happy golfing!

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