The Top 10 Fundraising Ideas for Golfers

No matter which golf tournament fundraiser event it is, there are always plenty of ideas to get additional funds for golfers. Take your fundraiser event one level up. There are many ideas to do this such as using a mobile app for auction, online events, and more. Let us have a look at the top 10 ideas for fundraising for golfers- 



Mulligan is a second chance for any golfer to swing. This chance is not added in the scorecard as an extra stroke. The players can purchase mulligans prior to the event or on the golf course. There is many event fundraising software that allows you to purchase mulligans online without having to wait for the event. These software have ticketing and registration sections wherein were you being a company can sell additional stuff with tickets before the charity day.


Appealing for donation

Just follow the given simple steps for donation appealing on the course:

  1. Appoint a volunteer or a committee member at each hole to ask donations from golfers.
  2. Request them for some fixed amount.
  3. Decide certain fixed financial goal. 
  4. Use this collected money for some good cause.

Suppose each golfer donates $50, thus a foursome donates $200. With this, you can surely achieve a goal of $3,600. This amount will help you cover 1 year’s tuition for a needy student. In return to these donations, you can give small presents 


Sponsoring a Hole

You can sell 18 sponsorships, where 1 sponsor will be allotted for each hole. Each sponsorship will have an identification sign that will have the name or of the hole sponsor. The sponsorship may include a prize along with the hole sponsorship cost. The prize may be for any contests featured on the sponsored holes.


Putting Contest

Once the whole foursome enters the greens, every player would leave its traditional golf clubs and choose from any of the available tools: croquet mallet, field hockey stick, whiffle ball bat, etc. the first golfer who will sink his ball will win.


Helicopter Drop

In this competition, your company will sell golf balls that are numbered and colored (except white). It is done before the event or during the registration. A helicopter makes rounds over the course and drops these numbered balls randomly at pre decided targets. The balls that drop in the cup or closest to the pin is declared the winner.

You can encourage participation by awarding prizes to multiple winners. Such as, you can a lot of smaller prizes for the balls that land at the maximum distance. Or you can give away prizes to first second and third position holders after the main winner is declared.


Custom Accessories

You can sell branded and customized items to promote your goal. You can include items related to gold such as:

Purchase these items beforehand so that when your golfers come, they can use these on the course. You can include the name of your foundation or your logo on these customized golf shoes or any other item. You can include the purchase of these items during ticketing or sell them along with expensive ticket packages.


Drinking Tickets

Give your offers drinking tickets before the event starts. Proving drink tickets during hot sunny weather can be a great idea. You can sell these tickets as a part of Fixed Price Packages or Donation Packages. Golfers can buy drinks from their smartphones.


Renting a Caddie

You can provide caddie services at your counter as a part of fixed price items or ticket options. It might be possible that some golfers will not show interest in renting caddies at the time of registration but later may change their mind. Make sure you have mobile registration and payment options for on spot. This way the service can be availed even on the day of the event.


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