Plugged-In Golf on Jack Grace:  it has a secret: it’s 1,875 shoes in one.  With three different shoe colors – white, grey, and black – and interchangeable saddles and laces, you could wear a different combination every day for over 5 years.

The folks at Plugged-In Golf were kind enough to share their thoughts on Jack Grace Shoes.

"One of the things I was skeptical about in testing the Innovator 1.0 was the laces.  The idea that the laces were only connected to the saddle which was then connected to the shoe via magnets seemed sketchy.  However, when I pulled on the laces, the shoe tightened just like it should.  Kudos to Jack Grace for quality engineering.
"Another surprisingly strong performance comes from the sole.  In an age of wild-looking, high traction sole designs, this basic stud pattern gives you an excellent hold on the ground.  I wouldn’t recommend it for maximum grip in wet, sloppy conditions, but that’s true of almost any spikeless shoe.
"Other important performance features are the waterproof upper and the light weight.  The Innovator 1.0 isn’t the lightest shoe I’ve ever worn, but among traditional saddle shoes it’s certainly among the best."


Check out the whole article here!

  • Jun 28, 2017
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