Does it really work?
Absolutely! Thanks to our clever and inconspicuous technology, our shoes look and function like traditional shoes. And, swapping your saddle is quick and easy! Learn how here.
Can I print my own logo on the saddle?
Probably! Although we reserve the right to refuse images we feel will tarnish our brand, we are able to print any image on the saddles. Please note, minimum orders of at least 12 apply. Contact for more info.
Are your shoes environmentally friendly?
Yes! By increasing the utility of shoes fewer non-biodegradable soles end up in landfills.
Who came up with this concept?
Bart Walker, a regular guy from Phoenix, Arizona. Unable to find shoes he liked, Bart created the concept on his kitchen table, quit his job, and withdrew his 401K to pursue his dream. To read about his incredible journey check out here.
Do you plan to make a cleated version in the future?
For sure!  
Does the hook and loop make audible noise when you walk?
Do the magnets provide a therapeutic benefit?
Doubtful… hard to prove either way, we’re not claiming it as a benefit.
Are the shoes comfortable?
If you have wide feet, probably not. If you have typical feet, we sure think so.
Are the shoes waterproof?
The leather used on the uppers is waterproof and the leather used on the saddles is water resistant.
Do you have plans to make more saddle options available in the future?
Absolutely. The sky’s the limit! We are adding new saddles periodically, if you would like to see something or want your own personal design, please contact customer support.