bally neal on flat jack grace black saddle with grey innovator
bally neal on flat jack grace black saddle

    Men's Ballyneal Signature Logo on Innovator 1.0 Golf Shoe Grey


    INNOVATOR 1.0 SHOE(InterchangeableBlack Saddle & Black Laces Included)

    Simply stated, the coolest golf shoe ever. With over 1,875 stock color combinations and custom logo printing available, this is hands down the most versatile shoe in golf.

    The Innovator 1.0 is the first shoe ever to possess our patent pending (HCT) Hidden Channel Technology. This breakthrough allows the modular saddles to be swapped in and out with ease.Not only are the saddles interchangeable, they're also functional. The laces tighten the shoe just as conventional shoe with laces does.


    The Innovator 1.0 features:

    • premium waterproof leather uppers,
    • micro-perforated leather lining,
    • light-weight EVA midsoles and a
    • TPU outsole for optimum comfort.


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